We believe post secondary education at a Technical College will help students become an asset to our community and world.  Most stay in the local area, are placed in jobs and have a very high graduation rate.  

- Scholarship Information  -

Applications are open at this time.

Criteria for all:
  • Minimum GPA (standard criteria of cumulative 2.75 or higher)
  • Students must be enrolled as full-time student (12+ credits) for scholarship #1 and #3
  • Scholarships #2 student must be enrolled in at least 6+ credits.  
  • Students with financial need (as determined by scholarship manager). 
  • All applicants must apply on line through the Moraine Park Foundation web site, under Foundation Scholarships.
​    https://www.morainepark.edu/financial-  aid/scholarships/

  • All applicants must be a resident within the boundaries of the Hartford Union High School District (refer to link below for map)

  • All applications are due TBD for 2019

2018 Scholarships Winners
Corina Kanwischer - #1  Scholarship - Left

Derritt Dietlmeier - #2 Scholarship - Middle

Isabella Zignego - #3 Scholarship - Right
#1 - $1,000 Scholarship:

Awarded to Corina Kanwischer who is enrolled in the Health and Wellness Program.

#2 - $1,000 Scholarship:
Awarded to Derritt Dietlmeier, she is enrolled in the Nursing Program.  

#3 - $1,000 Scholarship: 

Awarded to Isabella Zignego

Lioness Chris Cronk and Lioness Marde Zimmerman, attended the Moraine Park Foundation Scholarship Luncheon at the West Bend Campus in October 2018.  They enjoyed a lovely meal and had a chance to meet the recipients. The recipients will attend one of the Lioness meetings for members meet the recipients.  

- 2018 Scholarship Winners -

Scholarship Applications for the 2019 are open.  Watch for the information on the 2019 scholarships available for those attending Moraine Park Technical College :

#1  - $1,000 - Scholarship:
Available to a graduating senior 

#2 - $1,000 - Scholarship:
Available to a returning or continuing education student currently attending MPTC 

#3 - $1,000 - Scholarship:
Available to a current recipient of our Hartford Lioness scholarship to apply for an additional year renewable scholarship.  

This will be the second year #3 scholarship will be offered and is determined on a annual basis, determined by funds available.