Local Eye Screening for 3yr old  - 5K Students
Hartford Lioness/Lions and Kettle Moraine Lions annually screen students for numerous eye problems by using the newest technology. Lioness/Lions involved are certified through Wisconsin Prevent Blindness. Parent/Guardians of the referred students are asked to make an appointment with an eye care professional for further examination.

Young children with eye problems often do not know that the way they see the world is not the way everyone sees it.  Without early treatment, children's vision problems can lead to permanent vision loss or learning difficulties. 

School officials can always request the Lioness/Lions to provide such a screening for their students by contacting the Hartford Lioness Club. 

Lions Supported Projects
BOLD, Eye Bank, Leader Dogs for the Blind, and Wisconsin Lion's Camp these projects provide help to those less fortunate links on the home page will provide information specific to each project. 

Local Food Pantry  
We support our local food pantry with monthly food donations along with $$ for the food pantry to purchase items they are in need of.  This helps provide food and other services for those less fortunate going through hard times.  

Organ Donor Projects
Organ donation commitment works to promote organ donations.  Members are involved in working at health fairs, blood drives, county and state fairs. They also knit and crochet comfort shawls that are given to donor families in memory of their loved ones.  One of our Lioness volunteers her time as "Dottie" the donor mascot at hospitals Brewer games and other events.  Many people are on the waiting list for transplants,

To sign up to donate organs can be done at license renewal with the DVD. You are asked if you want to be an organ donor, if you agree, an orange dot is placed on your license.  You can also go to the Web Site at donatelifewisconsin.organd register.  You must have a driver's license or state ID card.  Lioness help inform others at volunteer events. 

Diabetes & Blood Pressure Project
The Lioness help with diabetes and blood pressure testing at the Lions annual Pancake Breakfast the second Saturday in November.  This testing helps determine if there may be an issue and then refers the person to contact their doctor for additional testing and help to manage their situation.  

‚ÄčStuff the Bus
Every fall the Hartford Lioness donate school items for those in need and give them to local schools.  


"Stuff the Bus" - School Supplies

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Food Pantry 

"Dottie" the Organ Donor Masot

Eye Screening with PlusoptiX Tool

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